Kit Cautín DIY

Kit Cautín DIY


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1.Electric iron handle made of PC plastic, ceramic package with external heating core, fast and compact structure with high thermal insulation, adjustable temperature.
2.Metal suction device, super suction, do not block desoldering suction gun.
3.The pencil cutter is assembled in two stages, after loosening the front end, the blade can be replaced, the back is pen-style for easy grip.
4.ESD-15(Eagle Tsui type tweezers):Tsui Tsui bent, suitable for extracting parts in narrow places.
5.Five-in-One Aluminum Alloy Screwdriver 5 in 1 Screwdriver Screwdriver Cell Phone Disassemble Repair Tool Set.

Soldering iron kit includes:
110V/220V 60W Adjustable Temperature (200-450 Degree Celsius) Soldering Iron x 1
Desoldering Pump: plastic mechanism and aluminum alloy barrel x 1
Tin Wire Tube, 1.0 mm dia (2% flux) x 1
Soldering Iron Stand x 1
Cleaning Sponge x 1
Tweezers length 4.7 inches x 1
Wire Stripper/Cutter x 1
Fabric Zipper case x 1
22awg Electronic Wire Red x 2
Soldering Iron Tips(various) : 900M x 5

Información adicional

Peso 1 kg
Dimensiones 24 × 15 × 4 cm


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